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WebStarts Review

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Support requests received during those hours should get a response back within an hour. Mobile Like many site builders, WebStarts has a button for viewing your site as it would appear on a smartphone.

Webstarts review

I prefer builders, such as Wix, that let you explicitly decide when your site is ready to go live and let you build preview nonpublished versions. There's a good selection of element types, too.

Webstarts review

Webstarts review

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4 Responses

  1. Faektilar says:

    Webstarts allows you to drag elements anywhere on your mobile website, but it never worked quite right.

  2. Maulkree says:

    While editing the site, you have to choose the page you want to work on from a dropdown list:

  3. Kajigal says:

    You can easily add keywords and meta tags to each and every page to make your site more visible to a worldwide audience. It seems like anyone with word processing experience can put together a good looking website using Webstarts, which is a positive characteristic.

  4. Kazrara says:

    There is also an excellent form builder, which allows you to create a great-looking and functional contact form, or any other type of form, for that matter. Global settings can be set in the design section— so for example, you can create a custom heading style that is used across the entire website giving it a consistent look and feel.

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