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Some cases may require a simple surgical procedure for correction. Why this happens is largely unknown, although some cases of tongue-tie have been associated with certain genetic factors. Thirty-six infants with ankyloglossia were compared to a control group without ankyloglossia.

Tongue techniques kissing

Sometimes tongue-tie may not cause problems. A severity scale for ankyloglossia, which grades the appearance and function of the tongue, is recommended for use in the Academy of Breastfeeding medicine.

Tongue techniques kissing

Tongue techniques kissing

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    This can contribute to tooth decay and inflammation of the gums gingivitis.

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    Incidence and associated feeding difficulties". However, half of the subjects reported that they thought that their speech was more effortful than other peoples' speech.

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    Handbook of speech language pathology and audiology. The subjects were given questionnaires in order to assess functional complaints associated with ankyloglossia.

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    Furthermore, the authors note that some patients may be unaware of the extent of the limitations they have due to ankyloglossia, since they have never experienced normal tongue range.

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    Challenges with other oral activities.

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