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PICS: Gabrielle Union, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Attend Atlanta Screening of ‘Breaking In’

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The microwave will extract the moisture. If at all possible, always make your seam and spine repairs using glue. If the cover needs another dosage, simply repeat the process.

Tips for gay bottoms

The microwave will extract the moisture. The straight edge razor ensures a very clean cut up against the LP slick.

Tips for gay bottoms

Tips for gay bottoms

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  1. Mezibei says:

    Now with a clean automobile waxing applicator, dab a little Scratch Out yes, the same Scratch Out used on cars — you can get it at any auto store and rub the scratch out on the LP slick in a circular motion.

  2. Muzuru says:

    Power to the bottoms! Do not apply this technique to a non-laminated cover.

  3. Felar says:

    When will the lightbulb click on for her to come to reality.

  4. Samugar says:

    As with any ink removing product, it is highly recommended you practice and test on junk covers before attempting a fix on one of your prized LP jackets.

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