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TICA Southwest Region

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Here is the letter from the EO and the list of Mid Atlantic residents with credit balances! TICA has thus been an important complement to support a vital art scene on a more continuous basis through a diverse program supported by a light and flexible organizative structure that has allowed for exhibitions, film screenings and performance events as well as to create a forum for discussions and debates about art, politics and power.

Tica calendar

Please send high res if possible, because they will be used for your plaques if you chose that option, and in the awards booklet. The residency program is important as the first structure to offer support and encouragement to promising local artists and for enabling cross-cultural exchange in the Balkan region and beyond, as a response to the lost communication that has led to a nationalistic misuse of culture. Here is the letter from the EO and the list of Mid Atlantic residents with credit balances!

Tica calendar

Tica calendar

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  1. Arashikasa says:

    TICA will be an attempt to reintroduce culture as one of the most effective ways in pushing for critical thinking in relation to our contemporary condition and will bring together all the energies, knowledge and contacts of all its founding members, to create an independent platform for socio-politically engaged contemporary art.

  2. Kirn says:

    TICA is currently jointly run by: You can also help by sponsoring a Mid Atlantic Regional winner!

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