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After they escape the city, Sam is bitten by an infected but hides it from the group. Hunting for food, Ellie encounters David Nolan North and James Reuben Langdon , scavengers willing to trade medicine for food; despite initially appearing friendly and cooperative, David turns hostile after revealing the university bandits were part of his group. It includes the previously released downloadable content, including Left Behind and some multiplayer maps.

Sexy black lezbians

On the outskirts of Tommy's settlement, Ellie reveals that she was not alone when she was infected and expresses her survivor guilt. Survivors live in heavily policed quarantine zones, independent settlements, and nomadic groups.

Sexy black lezbians

Sexy black lezbians

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    At her insistence, Joel swears his story about the Fireflies is true.

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    Development of The Last of Us Bruce Straley left and Neil Druckmann right led development as game director and creative director respectively. Joel decides to leave Ellie with Tommy, but after she confronts him about Sarah, he decides to let her stay with him.

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    Joel, Tess, and Ellie sneak out in the night, but after an encounter with a patrol, they discover Ellie is infected. Tess reveals she has been bitten by an infected and, believing in Ellie's importance, sacrifices herself against pursuing soldiers so Joel and Ellie can escape.

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