LGBT rights in Russia

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Video about russian transexuals:

Foreigners may be arrested and detained for up to 15 days then deported, as well as fined up to , rubles. Over men have been arrested and tortured in secret detention facilities that some human rights groups charge to be concentration camps.

Russian transexuals

I myself was teaching history, social studies and law. Also a game to dress up Putin as a gay man was released during Sochi's Olympics to support the LGBT community and reached more than , players.

Russian transexuals

Russian transexuals

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  1. Tumi says:

    Neither same-sex marriages nor civil unions of same-sex couples are allowed in Russia. This was often tolerated among the educated middle classes, with the assumption that such behavior was asexual and would stop when the girl married.

  2. Gardasida says:

    Public opinion in Russia tends to be hostile toward homosexuality and the level of intolerance has been rising.

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