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Breaking Convention The poets and writers of the Romantic Movement wanted to break new literary ground. The writings of this period reacted in part against the preceding Age of Enlightenment, with its emphasis on clear, rational thought. Land law was so prohibitive in the Romantic Period that it was unheard of to have a private garden unless you held land freehold, which was all owned by aristocrats.

Romanticism literature elements

Later, when Romanticism flourished in the United States, American Walt Whitman wrote his poems in the radical style of free verse. This contrasted distinctly with the traditional arguments for the supremacy of reason. Partly, it may have been the desire to express the "inexpressible"--the infinite--through the available resources of language that led to symbol at one level and myth as symbolic narrative at another.

Romanticism literature elements

Romanticism literature elements

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    Wordsworth's Prelude and Whitman's "Song of Myself" are both paradigms of successful experiments to take the growth of the poet's mind the development of self as subject for an "epic" enterprise made up of lyric components.

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    These castle grounds have had flowers since the 13th century, when King Edward I allowed Queen Eleanor of Provence to introduce garden design to England. The emerging wealth of the mercantile class, or nouveau riche, saw much pressure to alter legislation concerning ownership of freehold title, and this was seen to in the late s under the reign of Queen Victoria.

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