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Free chatrooms have a maximum of ten guests, though paid chatrooms have no limit. Do not share content displaying real or fictional figures under age

Roleplay chat sites

Created as a replacement for the now-broken Shamchat, Rolechat connects you to a random person for the sheer purpose of roleplaying! Please be respectful and appreciate other people's boundaries and kinks, whatever they may be.

Roleplay chat sites

Roleplay chat sites

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  1. Zujas says:

    You might also be interested in: This allows you to enter and get a feel for the action and conversation, while you wait for your official profile to be approved by the Administrative staff.

  2. Daran says:

    As such you need to show them respect at all times, and if you disagree with something they are doing you should mention it to them in private, rather than making a public spectacle. Before a permanent change is enacted a DM will be required to message the person in question to give them a chance to avoid the situation.

  3. Grogore says:

    It is also the place where most of the DM run events and missions occur.

  4. Guk says:

    If you tried a nickname and the system said that the nickname is not available, please try appending a few random numbers behind the nickname to make is unique as cool nicknames are already taken away by the competition e.

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