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Female friend is ignoring me

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However, the next day she acts distant and I decided not to disturb her until my vacation approached which lasted for 3 weeks. I don't really know what I should do. I was still not well and was really craving for a bowl of warm noodle soup.

My female friend is ignoring me

I then declared that when I joke about her sexual stuff I am just kidding and I do not underestimate her problems. If she has any thoughts of you at all, the only way to draw those out is to live an interesting, happy life yourself, full of activities and goals and schoolwork and friends and associates.

My female friend is ignoring me

My female friend is ignoring me

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  1. Mibar says:

    Even the best, most asexual, platonic, male-female friendships will be subject to mitigation based on sex.

  2. Bajora says:

    Then I tried to chat with her again but she was again distant. It's simply time spent with another male who isn't you and you'll always question her desire to do so in favor of spending time with you.

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