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Rome itself fell into the hands of the Visigoths in In a battle fought near the city of Adrianople in , the Visigoths defeated and murdered Emperor Valens. They merged with other barbarian hordes north of the Alps and disappeared as a people from history.

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From to , under the next ruler, Wallia, the Visigoths extended their realm over a great part of Spain and southern Gaul, with Toulouse as their capital. Relations with the Visigoths deteriorated after the death of Theodosius I in , when the empire was divided again between his two sons, Arcadius reigned who inherited the Eastern Roman Empire and Honorius reigned who inherited the Western Roman Empire. Apparently outraged at the treatment they had received from imperial officials, the Visigoths took up arms against the emperor, who was defeated and killed at the battle of Adrianople in

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Lesbian goths

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    Theodoric's reign was one of the ablest and best in this period. The Goths were receptive to Roman ways of life, developed a taste for Roman luxuries, and adopted the Arian form of Christianity.

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    After fighting a last battle near Mount Vesuvius in , the Ostrogoths marched out of Italy.

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