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The Ultimate Guide To Giving A Satsifying Lingam Massage

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If he does choose to ejaculate, keep reminding him to take deep, deep breaths, even during his orgasm. Then, after a while, change directions—slide alternating hands from the top down to the base.

How to give a lingham massage

To fully experience all the different sensations, feelings and emotions, requires a lot of trust. Knocking over a bottle of massage oil and breaking it makes a huge mess and goes a long way toward ruining the mood! There are a few to consider.

How to give a lingham massage

How to give a lingham massage

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  1. Mezirg says:

    The quality of the oil is important.

  2. Malkis says:

    You can also help him avoid orgasm by focusing on his breathing. Some men are more sensitive than others in this area, and can't stand to have their testicles touched at all, while others require a harder touch.

  3. Malrajas says:

    You should pay close attention to the tip or head of his Lingam.

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