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5 Best Lifetime Movies You Should Watch in 2018

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While it is always enjoyable seeing the esteemed character actress playing this type of role again, the true surprise of the movie is Kiernan Shipka, who steals most of the scenes with her charisma and acting abilities, proving she has a bright future ahead in the industry. The kids, Rachel and Addy played by real-life sisters Tiera and Ali Skovbye seem to have a very close relationship with their parents. The movie takes a dark turn when Rachel witnesses the murder of her best friend and is found tied up to a table by the police.

Good lmn movies

Kristen Stewart does a great job of capturing that teenage angst that we have all been through, the main difference being that here it has a dark layer. Do not get fooled by the premise of the story because it is not a sappy, alarmist movie about the perils of teenage pregnancy. The movie itself is a comprehensive exploration of truly dysfunctional families and deals with issues such as domestic abuse and mental illness.

Good lmn movies

Good lmn movies

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  1. Dalkree says:

    If you feel like taking a break from big-budget Hollywood productions or Netflix original series and want to try something new, make sure to give these movies a shot.

  2. Samugul says:

    Her stepmother steps in and tries to protect the traumatized teenager, only to be faced with the possibility that Rachel, in fact, committed the murder.

  3. Aragul says:

    Unsurprisingly, it is soon revealed that their family situation is not so simple after all.

  4. Vudogar says:

    The actors do a decent job portraying their characters, and fans of cop flicks will surely enjoy the performances of the detectives, who do not believe that the murder case is as clear as initially thought.

  5. Fenrirg says:

    In fact, the movie paints a very sympathetic and compassionate picture of Tina, who has to make a series of tough choices.

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