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The Puppy Episode

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Her therapist asks if she has ever clicked with anyone and Ellen replies, "Susan. Another sponsor, Wendy's , decided not to advertise on Ellen again at all. She discusses the dream with her therapist and realizes that she has been suppressing her sexuality for many years.

Famous lesbians kissing

Her therapist encourages her to come out to her friends but Ellen is worried about not being accepted. Word of the secret negotiations leaked in September of that year, sparking a storm of speculation as to whether the character, the actress, or both would come out. Director Junger reported that Valentine said "'If we're going to do it, let's do it.

Famous lesbians kissing

Famous lesbians kissing

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    To celebrate the success and DeGeneres' coming out, Channel 4 and talk show host Graham Norton flew DeGeneres in to London and held a celebration for her and her family.

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    Ellen has her friends over to come out to them.

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