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Last year I was camping and our portable electric stove electricouted me. It's like I feel the electric charge building with my teeth and it is a weird sensation. Needless to say, I am energy sensitive.

Define yurn

My stereos constantly going out, battery operated watches dying at an alarming rate, even when I stand near a radio the signal will cut in and out. At times it can be very strong and highly disorienting and I literally need to step a few feet away from the push buttons.

Define yurn

Define yurn

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  1. Mebar says:

    I feel energies from precious stones, the Earth

  2. Kigadal says:

    Just weird probs with electrical devices.

  3. Tekree says:

    I must admit that my rage-level at this point was explosive, so I went to bed where I planned to boil it off.

  4. Jukazahn says:

    I also used to see balls of light and weird shapes and electricity in my room as a kid. I have noticed when I touch the light switch that causes all the other lights in the home to blow you can hear a zip sound that happens JUST before I make contact with the light switch, it does not happen to anyone else in my family, and I have been trying to find a solution.

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