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Pastor Calls Out Crossdresser in the Middle of Church Service

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The event stopped running earlier this year. Most of Stuart's friends and some family members know he's a transvestite, but not his parents, who live in the UK and are now in their 70s. Eliza also runs a transvestite dressing service and says it is a huge step for men to leave the privacy of their own home dressed as a woman, even if it's for the relative safety of a private dressing service or a club where everyone else is cross-dressing.

Crossdressed gay

I'd liken it to a bunch of lads going out to watch a match and having a few pints on a Friday night, except we're dressed as women. Many indulge their need to cross-dress without telling their wives and partners. For instance, females who join the church are told not to wear leggings to church.

Crossdressed gay

Crossdressed gay

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  1. Meztizahn says:

    Was Rocquemore right or wrong to handle the incident this way?

  2. Vokinos says:

    For some TVs, dressing in women's underwear and clothes does involve a sexual charge. Some transvestites go to Nimhneach, Dublin's fetish club, but within the community, cross- dressing is not commonly referred to as a fetish.

  3. Vikus says:

    To Stuart's relief, her reaction was positive.

  4. Vor says:

    They attract small numbers of weekend clients, mainly because, for many men, going out is a massive and risky step.

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