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Marcus Aurelius

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Ambrose prevailed upon Gratian, Valentinian and Theodosius to reject requests to restore the Altar. Character[ edit ] Drawing based on a statue of Saint Ambrose Many circumstances in the history of Ambrose are characteristic of the general spirit of the times. The Antonine Monarchy Rome,

Aurelius ny

Tensions between Rome and Parthia had intensified in the last years of Antoninus' reign over control of Armenia, the vast buffer state which had often aroused enmity between the two powers, since each wished to be able to impose a king favorable to its interests. But nobody shall extend this to Mary. To avoid oratory, poetry, and 'fine writing.

Aurelius ny

Aurelius ny

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    Contributing to his fame and reputation is a slender volume of Stoic philosophy which served as a kind of diary while he was involved in military campaigns, the Meditations, a book which can be described as an aureus libellus, a little golden book. Marcus recommended to Commodus continuation of the war, but the new emperor was eager to return to Rome and the ease and luxury of the imperial court and entered into a peace agreement.

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    The judicial administration of Italy was put in the hands of iuridici, who represented the emperor and thus spoke with his authority. Disturbances to the pax Romana occurred on the fringes of empire.

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