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I know, cons to this relationship seem to be difficult to exist, right? Public relations, sales, marketing, and customer service are suitable careers for the Sagittarians.

Are cancer and sagittarius compatible signs

These people can be scoundrels in business because they hate parting with money once they have their hands on it. Where their own problems are concerned, they can disappear inside themselves and brood, which makes it hard for others to understand them.

Are cancer and sagittarius compatible signs

Are cancer and sagittarius compatible signs

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The key here is to lose one of those limited ways and run with it. They open towards but are hard to stare. Are cancer and sagittarius compatible signs

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  1. Fauzilkree says:

    That will irritate the Crab endlessly and cause serious friction between the two sides. Typically, Aries is not very compatible with the more conservative and introverted signs of Cancer and Capricorn.

  2. Keshicage says:

    They are ardent lovers and loyal to a fault.

  3. Kelkree says:

    It should not be something that frustrates the pair of them, as the change will end up making them better human beings anyway. It is an intriguing match that can either be too good for both the parties at one hand or an awkward combination of two unequal energies.

  4. Grojin says:

    Respecting each other's fundamental differences is the key to any good coupling, and this is true with astrology signs as well.

  5. Kahn says:

    Sagittarius moves from idea to idea and venture to venture as the feeling takes them, while Cancer is the instigator of new plans.

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